Life moves slowly under the Southern Iloilo sun – it’s no wonder many passing guests prefer a late-afternoon-stroll-in-the-park vacation in Oton.  But what if you need a bit of adventure and action?

Look around and you’ll find farmlands and sights that are too hard to pass up.

Explore and experience Oton.  With its colorful festival, mouth-watering food, and accessible sights, Oton is the place to be.


Food is one of the most exciting and thrilling parts of travel for most of us – and with good reason, for there is no better way of getting to know a place than through its local foods. Experience Oton’s palatable cuisine that is truly worth remembering.



Go forth and venture!  Whether you’re in a tight budget or ready to splurge, Oton has a variety of destinations that will look terrific for your Instagram and Facebook accounts.  Update your social media pages with your best photos of the local destinations.



Festival means music, dancing, and immersion!  Whether you travel to enjoy, or enjoy to travel, these local festivities in Oton will surely immerse you in the culture that is truly Ogtonganon.