Punong BarangayDaisy P. Calzado
Sangguniang Barangay MembersHernani S. Antipatia
Edmar Edison C. Callos
Teodoro C. Penas
Rio J. Cabanas Jr.
Imelda C. Dejada
Mansueto C. Mallorca
Alden P. Mallorca
Sangguniang Kabataan ChairmanAriez A. Laguna
Barangay SecretaryLeila G. Callos
Barangay TreasurerTeresa T. Mallorca



Total Population731
Total No. of Households153
Total No. of Families176
Total No. of Employed207
Total No. of Unemployed272
Total No. of Underemployed275

Data gathered as of 2017
Source: Iloilo Provincial Population Office

History of Turog-turog

Long time ago the mountain people of Leon Iloilo used to walk going to Oton to sell their products due to far distance. They stopped, rested and sleep in place which was a part of Oton located at the boundary of Tigbauan, Leon, and San Miguel.

It is said that when Spaniards come to this place they happened to see a man sleeping under a tree. Since there was nobody around, they wake him up to ask the name of the place. Caught unaware and surprised of the foreign speaking strangers, the man thought that they were asking was what he was doing, “naga turog-turog” he suddenly said, and this is how the place was called Turog-Turog.

This place was called Baguingin before because of the creeks end from the Barrio Paguingin, Tigbauan. It was then a sitio of Cadinglian, Oton but the people decided to make this as a Barangay in 1950 with Silvino Capilastique Sr. as Teniente del Barrio and Jose Ramos Tenerife as Vice Teniente del Barrio.

Barangay Turog-Turog which has a total land area of 117.204 hectares is more than ten (10) kilometers away from the Town Proper and four (4) kilometers away from Sta. Monica.

It is not a sleeping community as it is denoted. It is now beginning to prosper for a Municipal road link to Cadinglian and Sta. Clara.

Being one of the smallest Barangay in Oton, it has only 153 household with a total population of 731. The main source of income is farming. The means of transportation is tricycles, motorcycles and jeepney. Barangay Turog-Turog celebrates its Annual Fiesta every second Sunday of  February in Honor of the Patron Saint Nuestra Seniora de la Candelaria.

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