Punong BarangayAntonio C. Panuela
Sangguniang Barangay MembersClaudio S. Calumpita
Michael D Toledo SR.
Dolores T. Palomado
Pepito E. Taliga
David E. Iguales
Marilyn E. Decir
Ronaldo T. Almonia SR.
Sangguniang Kabataan ChairmanJolinda C. Corrios
Barangay SecretaryCatherine T. Olavario
Barangay TreasurerRufina F. Desaporado



Total Population616
Total No. of Households133
Total No. of Families151
Total No. of Employed278
Total No. of Unemployed107
Total No. of Underemployed98

Data gathered as of 2017
Source: Iloilo Provincial Population Office

Background of Salngan

Long time ago, there was a place almost covered by trees; the most common tree that was called salong. It was a place full of green trees and you cannot find any rivers or fields.

One time this place was found by three men and they decided to live there together with their families. They planted vegetables, and started to raise farm animals. Other parts of the barangay were used as rice field, where they plant rice, corn, and other beans. The only problem of this place is the supply of water, because the river is far from their farm. As of that time, money was not used to buy goods or anything that they want. This people use the method or trading or exchanging their own products to the products of their neighbor barrios. Everything started right and good. The place together with the people living there are successful, peaceful and happy of what they have that time.

But then suddenly, the peacefulness of all was broken. This was the greatest dilemma of their life – the bandits. A lot of bandits reached their place. They just get what they want without paying for it. Women were abused by men and served as slaves under the bandits. And it’s not just that, anyone who disobeyed the order of the bandits were killed. The people escaped, they run away from that place and hid themselves in other places. Most of them stayed at Trapiche, a Barrio beside their place, they stayed there a long time until the bandits were gone.

As soon as they heard the news that the bandits were already gone, they decided to return back to their place and start again a new life.

One afternoon they had a meeting and decided on what name are they going to call their place. One man stood up and said, “Since then this place was already full of Salong trees, why don’t we call it Salngan?” Everyone agreed to that name, so from then on, the place was called Salngan. And the barrio was again peaceful and successful.