Punong BarangayDaniel S. Palma
Sangguniang Barangay MembersLydia  A. Nuneza
Raffy R. Dela Cruz
Josephine M. Santuyo
Milagros V. Sorongon
Raul V. Tubid SR.
Leonor C. Torilla
Benito C. Castigador
Sangguniang Kabataan ChairmanRian M. Barranco
Barangay SecretaryJorsyl A. Osorio
Barangay TreasurerJalyn S. Castanieto



Total No. of Households1,157
Total No. of Families1,306
Total No. of Employed2,905
Total No. of Unemployed75
Total No. of Underemployed93

Data gathered as of 2017
Source: Iloilo Provincial Population Office

Background of Poblacion South

Almost five (5) decades ago, the Southern part of the town proper is a swampy coconut groves and Riceland at the upper portion.

Most of the inhabitants are engaged in fishing, tuba gather and few are farmers. If we take a looked back fifty years ago, this southern coastal portion of the town proper of the Municipality of Oton is a swampy, full of mangroves along riverside and most especially of the coastline, in which it is so abundant of marine products every year.

Otherwise, there are additional settlers and explorers coming from different parts of the Province for immigration, seeking for livelihood, until such time comes that this portion of the town was occupied by thousands of human inhabitants.

Before the time of Mayor Lazaro M. Zulueta this portion of the town proper was known as J.C. Zulueta St., Oton, Iloilo, when Mayor Lazaro M. Zulueta assume as Mayor of Oton the town proper was divided into four (4) parts, Poblacion West, Poblacion South, Poblacion East, and Poblacion North, and it was the beginning of the creation of the four (4) barangay of the town proper.

Before the existence of the Local Government Code of 1991, it was considered as centralized form of government and the local Chief Executive as appointing officer, and happy to say that it was Mr. Ramon Carreon, Sr. who was appointed by Mayor Lazaro M. Zulueta who will be the Chief Executive of this barangay of Barangay Poblacion South, Oton, Iloilo.

The long year had passed and due to the existence of Martial Law, it was also a long period where this Barangay is under the leadership of Barangay Captain Ramon Carreon Sr. until such the EDSA Revolution broke up. And the regime of President Marcos administration was replaced, National/Local Election comes and President Corazon Cojuangco Aquino was elected as President of the Republic.

A year after, it was followed by barangay election and Punong Barangay Aniceto L. Barranco, Sr., was elected, considered as the first elected Punong Barangay of Barangay Poblacion South, Oton, Iloilo, but during the 2002 barangay election, he was replaced by Punong Barangay Daniel S. Palma through a majority vote of the voting populace of Barangay Poblacion South, Oton, Iloilo.

From 2002 up to 2013, Poblacion South, Oton is under the administration of Punong Barangay Daniel S. Palma. The Barangay Council headed by Punong Barangay Daniel S. Palma has received awards and recognitions from different Government Agencies but still striving to garner more.

This is now the Barangay Poblacion South, Oton, Iloilo, is how the way you look at it.