Punong BarangayEvaristo Miguel L. Flores Jr.
Sangguniang Barangay MembersManuelito A. Mediodia
Garry P. Salinas
Edie Mark A. Peregil
Virginia A. Panique
Pio P. Portugalete
Jonah May T. Batadlan
Roberto L. Panique
Sangguniang Kabataan ChairmanJemima V. Guzman
Barangay SecretaryEduardo  G. Mediodia
Barangay TreasurerMa. Melaville V. Mecisamente



Total No. of Households307
Total No. of Families315
Total No. of Employed613
Total No. of Unemployed85
Total No. of Underemployed529

Data gathered as of 2017
Source: Iloilo Provincial Population Office

Background of Poblacion North

Poblacion North is Barangay of the Philippines, Municipality of Oton in the Province of Iloilo in Western Visayas which is part of the Visayas group of Island.

Poblacion North belongs to the barangays of Municipality of Oton which compose the center of the Municipality;

We are still verifying the exact time when our community became known as Brgy. Poblacion North, but we know for certain that it was referred to as ZAGOPAJA in the past.

ZAGOPAJA is the acronym for the municipal streets of Oton named after Padre Zamora, Padre Gomez, Paterno and Lopez Jaena who are heroes and martyrs of the revolution against Spain. PADRE Gomez, Burgos and Zamora compose the famous GOMBURZA, but in our case Burgos is located at located at the end of Rizal, F.C Zulueta and C.M. Recto streets, going to the Mary Immaculate Conception Subdivision.

By virtue of resolution No. 203, Series of 1973, during the administration of the late former Mayor Lazaro Nene’ Zukueta, Zamora Street was renamed into Dr. Jose P. Laurel Street.

The said measure was moved by then former Vice Mayor Simplicio R. Carreon, and unanimously seconded by Atty. Sofronio M. Flores , Hon. Albino Legislador , Hon. Mauricio Sanceda, Hon. Silverio Sevilla, Hon. Demetrio Lagos, Hon. Cezar Acosta, and Hon. Ramon Silla. Hon. Angel Davila was absent.

It was passed and approved on October 10, 1973 as attested by Atty. Laurente Logronio. Municipal Secretary.

On January 6, 1987, during the administration of then OIC Mayor Felix ‘Totik’ Flores Gomez Street was renamed to Don Francisco T. Planta Street, in honor of the person who donated four (4) hectares land where the Oton National High School (ONHS) is located.

This was made possible by the virtue of Revolution No. 04, Series of 1987, on motion of then Hon. Vice Mayor Lydia V. Olivares, Hon. Felix Esperancilla, Hon. Egmilio Acosta, and unanimously secondary seconded by Councilors Consorcia Hablero, Geronimo Carreon, Ely Carreon, Ramon Panique, Antonio, Antonio Ecube, Lucito Langusta, Antio Masculino and Romeo Canto (ABS Pres) It was passed and approved on January 6, 1987.

Only two (2) remained the same: Lopez Jaena and Paterno Streets, of the former ZAGOPAJA.

Today, we have a total #1274 population and #980 registered voters as of 2016.