“Negosyo Center is a one-stop-shop for services that cater to the entrepreneur’s need in processing requirements to establish a business, and in accessing information essential for their growth.”

The establishment of the centers is a provision in the Go Negosyo Act 10644. The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) has been given the key responsibility and challenge of establishing Negosyo Centers in all provinces, cities, and municipalities in the country.


Facilitate the processing and documentation of all paper requirements necessary for the establishment of business enterprise applications of MSMEs through the Philippines Business Registry, supported by the Barangay Micro Business Enterprises (BMBE) Act.

  • Facilitate the processing of Business Name and BMBE Registrations.
  • Liaise with SEC and CDA and concerned government agencies to process the duly accomplished forms submitted by the MSMEs.
  • Assist/facilitate the processing of Mayor’s Permit Registration.


Provide MSMEs services tailored according to their needs that include product development, trade promotion, financing facilitation, investment promotion SME counseling.

  • Product Development – conduct product clinic; assess the needs of the clients on product development; disseminate the brochures, flyers, and catalogs;
  • Trade Promotion – Conduct market matching activities; match their clients with buyers; disseminate trade-related materials;
  • Financing Facilitation – conduct financing forum; assist in packaging loan applications; disseminate information to clients on financing facilities/programs available for MSMEs
  • Investment Promotion – Prepare brief project profiles; identity investment opportunities; participate in investment missions and in other investment-related activities;
  • SME Counseling – Conduct diagnostic evaluation of existing MSMEs; provide SMEs with data and information or available printed materials


Provide economic, technical, industry research related to the market, suppliers, buyers, government assistance programs, and advocacy campaign through the conduct of training and seminars.

  • Conduct regular training and seminars
  • Gather relevant business data and information for the preparation of directory, industry study and profiles and such other material
  • Disseminate information – flyers/manuals/clippings, etc, appropriately.
  • Prepare SME directory and such other materials for data banking.