Punong BarangayJoewie T. Tayupon
Sangguniang Barangay MembersNorman T. Magapa
Nestor M. Natalaray
Jibert T. Ticot
Danilo M. Librella
Ma Aileen A. Paala
Norberto S. Villafranca
Denis L. Totesora
Sangguniang Kabataan ChairmanDoreen Grace L. Magapa
Barangay SecretaryTeresita A. Malaga
Barangay TreasurerMarvin T. Panuela



Total No. of Households268
Total No. of Families315
Total No. of Employed901
Total No. of Unemployed341
Total No. of Underemployed386

Data gathered as of 2017
Source: Iloilo Provincial Population Office

History of Galang

Got its name from an incident when a group of Spaniards once past by this place. They asked a farmer and loud voice in Spanish, “Ano bang lugal ito?” because this farmer could not understand Spanish, he answered “Mawalang galang ta po.” When the Spaniard heared this, he went back to his companions and said “Galang daw”. Thus, they called the place GALANG.

Galang was once part of Sta. Rita which was considered then as a sitio, there were no houses. The people from the nearby barangays just went to this place to work and pasture their carabaos and cows.

As past years passed by, the farmers found it hard to go back and forth due to distance. They brought their families and settled in Galang. They learned to like the place, so they slayed permanently.

After the Second World War, everything was properly organized. Improvements and progress in barangay were seen

Galang is 3 kilometers away from Sta. Monica with an area of 200 hectares, 139 families and total population of 1238.

Through the leadership of late Bernardo Flolencondia, the first Barrio Lieutenant of Galang, he convinced the people to hold a feast as a thanksgiving, beacause Galang was neither visited nor invaded by the Japanese. The people were unanimous in choosing Nuestra Senora de Salvacion as their patron Saint. Her fiesta is celebrated every second Saturday of February.

Barangay Captains who had served this barangay were Mateo Tanciano, Francisco Tumasis, Amable Tumines and Primitivo Totesora.