Mayor’s Office335-1014
Sangguniang Bayan Office336-7327
Municipal Trial Court336-7327
Municipal Accounting Office335-1931
Municipal Budget Office335-1931
Municipal Treasurer’s Office336-6927
Municipal Administrator’s Office335-1693
Municipal Assessor’s Office337-8944
Municipal Civil Registrar337-8944
Human Resource and Management Office338-2228
Municipal Agriculture and Cooperative Office337-3634
FITS Center337-3634
Municipal Engineering Office510-8580
Health Center338-3761
General Services Office337-8190
Municipal Planning Development Coordinator’s Office337-8190
Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office570-8002
Association of Barangay Council 
Oton Fire Station337-6672
Oton Police Station336-6926
Post Office/Telecom336-6926
E-COLL Center510-8276
MEEDO (Admin)335-1693
MEEDO (Market)335-3530
Parish Convent337-3531


We will certainly work to make the case that now would be a terrible time to backslide on the commitment to education, said john r.