Res. No. 1986-438 Resolution Requesting the Civil Service Commission Region 6, Iloilo City, to drop Ramon Lim, Barangay Bookkeeper, Office of the Municipal Treasurer from the Roll of the Service for having been absent without leave for several months in spite of several notices issued to him, causing the paralization of Vital Services especially on Barangay Matters and to Authorize the filling of the said position of competent and qualified/appropriate Civil Service Eligible.

Res. No. 1986-436 Appropriation Ordinance No. 1986-439 Resolution Reverting the amount of Ninety Five Thousand Pesos (P95,000.00) Infrastructure Fund 1986 (Office of the Mayor-Gen. Services P15,000.00; Plaza & Parks-Personal Services P40,000.00; & Municipal Roads- Personal Services P40,000.00) to Office of the Mayor-Maintenance & Other Operating Expenses P15,000.00; Plaza & Parks- Maintenance & Other Operating Expenses P40,000.00; & Municipal Roads – Maintenance & other Operating Expenses P40,000.00.