Punong BarangayRogelio O. Puertas
Sangguniang Barangay MembersBasilio T. Ojerio Jr.
Sulfecia H Gedullan
Juanito A. Montanez SR.
Nida T. Canto
George R Periolan
Letecia D. Conte
Darlin R Lustria
Sangguniang Kabataan ChairmanKeith Lester T. Lorico
Barangay SecretaryGenevieve T. Tenoso
Barangay TreasurerSofia N Hijalga



Total No. of Households217
Total No. of Families261
Total No. of Employed217
Total No. of Unemployed52
Total No. of Underemployed55

Data gathered as of 2017
Source: Iloilo Provincial Population Office

History Batuan Ilaud


Once upon a time, there was a young man sitting down under the big tree. And the other man hurried to go to the big tree. They were arguing about the ownership of the big tree. One is claiming that he is the owner; the other man is claiming too. While they keep arguing under the big tree, suddenly the Spanish soldiers pass by and asked them what the name of the place is. Not knowing what the Spaniards were asking them, they answered “Batuan”. They cannot understand the language of the Spaniards. They assumed that the question was “What is the name of the big tree?” The Spanish soldiers keep on saying “Batuan” thinking that it was the name of the place.

Suddenly they said to the Spaniards that they decided to cut down and divide the tree. The young man said, “I want to get the trunk to build my house”, the other man said, “Ok, I will get the branches at the same time the fruits to sell.” They asked help from the Spanish soldiers to cut down the tree.

The Spaniards help them to cut down the tree. When the tree falls down, the trunk is in the southern part, from that time on, they called the place Batuan Ilaud.