“Enhanced Barangay Visitation Program: Bringing the Services of the Local Government Unit of the Very Friendly Municipality Right into the Heart of Every Barangays”


The Barangay Visitation Program of Oton started several years ago with the plan to meet the barangay officials and the citizens at the barangay level. This program which was then named “Enhanced Barangay Visit” due to enhancements made since it was first implemented. Various services of the municipality are being brought and made available at the barangay level. It focuses more on the administrative services of the LGU.

The Municipal Civil Registrar caters to civil registry related concerns especially on live birth and marriage certificates, correction of entries and late registration. The Mun. Treasurer’s Office offers Community Tax Certificate payments on site. The Mun. Social Welfare Office caters to PWD, Senior Citizens, and other social welfare concerns. MSWD is in charge of the birthday celebrations for the senior citizens who celebrate their birth month during the scheduled barangay visit.

Some other departments mostly disseminate information about their new programs and campaign drive to the community.

Barangay residents may avail of themselves the following services from the Municipal Health Office for free:
Medical check-up, dental check-up and extraction, and assessment to avail of free Physical Rehabilitation Services.

At the same time, barangay residents may enjoy free reflexology by the ORMATHIWA and free hair-cut services by the GSO staff.

Department of Agriculture offered various services like vegetable seeds distribution, deworming of goats, cows, and carabaos; dog castration and anti-rabies vaccination. Entrepreneurs also display their locally-produced products and are being critiqued by the LEIPO officer.