Area Coverage Specification
Income Classification 1st Class
Main Source of Income Farming and Fishing
Total Land Area 8,644 ha.
Total Population 93,334  (based on Iloilo Provincial Population Office, 2015)
No. of Barangays 37
Inland 31
Coastal 6
Crop Barangays 30
Area 5,701.57 ha.
No. of Farmers 3,840
No. of Fisherfolks447

Agriculture and Fishery are considered major and important sectors in our community. But with the vast changes and complexities in the economic system due to environmental impacts, farming and fishing had become a less prioritized sector.  With this, our Local Government Unit, considering Oton as an Agricultural and Coastal Municipality have been devising initiatives to improve the lives of our farmers and fisherfolks by providing programs and projects to meet their needs.  Organic demo farms have been established to improve rice farming technologies and nutrient management was taught to farmers through our Agricultural Technicians and with technical support of other Agencies like IRRI, PhilRice, DA, and our own Provincial Agriculture Office.  Rice subsidy programs were also sustained to minimize farm input costs of farmers.  Aside from rice, Oton also produces high-value commercial crops and to encourage higher production, we have initiated gardening projects in schools and in barangays.  Alternative livelihood source in livestock has also been made like the Darag Native Chicken Dispersal which, aside from production, also aims to provide our locality a better-bred chicken and health-friendly protein source.

In fisheries, management programs and conservation policies were implemented through our FARMC and Deputized Fish Warden to protect our fishery resources and increase fishery production, thus alleviate poverty in our coastal community.  The 5-year Coastal Resource Management Plan was finally adopted for implementation through our Technical Working Group (TWG). For the development of our farmers and fisherfolks, pieces of training were conducted to advance their farming skills, educate them of the current programs in agriculture and fisheries and provide them other options to find income and improve their respective families.  Women and youth were also involved in these pieces of training and programs so that they may find their individual talents and strengths and make their own accomplishments in the simple fields they can find in their communities.  A pool of information is maintained in the FITS Center to access clients to Experts who can provide them timely and proper technology.  Facilities and infrastructures were also made available for the post-harvest and market of products and to improve the commodities of our local investors- primarily the farmers and fisherfolks.

Resolution and Ordinances were passed to protect, conserve, and develop our agricultural and fishery resources.  Implementations were made through our Partners– our own farmers and fisherfolks who have been working with us for the progress of our community.  Our agenda is not only to fulfill our duties in our respective Departments but most importantly to improve the lives of our people.

The gateway to the south provides its thirty-seven (37) barangays livelihood opportunities through its growing economic status.  The presence of small and medium enterprises contributes to the income for the Municipality which in turn provides additional employment for the community.  The existence of Small and Medium Enterprise Development Council (SMEDC) which protects both its business sector and the consumers stabilizes the economic development.  The Municipal Government of Oton continues to provide support services for the facilities sustaining the production which the general public needs in their daily routines through its Municipal Economic and Enterprise Development Office.  UPPAO was organized to promote the products of several producers and to provide the opportunity to showcase their products in a wider range of clients and consumers.

The presence of infrastructure like roads allows products to flow efficiently especially those commodities that need to be delivered fresh in market centers.  A communication and power facility creates a better and convenient living for the Ogtonganons.  Oton is a place where you find everything with its diverse business establishments and ecotourism sites like resorts and beaches and famous restaurants.  With the presence of its growing industry, Oton implements its Local Investment Code to return support to its small and medium enterprise which has been sustaining the operations of the LGU.  Market sections and other producers were organized and regular meetings are conducted to settle issues within the market.  Economic development continues with the presence of new business registered for 2010.

Overall, Oton is a healthy place to live in, being considered as the dormitory of the Metro area with a sustainable and business-friendly environment.