Punong BarangayAntonio P. Masculino Jr.
Sangguniang Barangay MembersNepthalie D. Betito
Lamberto T. Java
Gedion G. Sale
Sanny O. Prologo
Jacqueline J. Corsiga
Roy  A. De Los Reyes
Delia J Olivares
Sangguniang Kabataan ChairmanNikki C. Olivares
Barangay SecretaryMa. Lorna B Olivares
Barangay TreasurerMa. Angeles E. Montealto



Total No. of Households287
Total No. of Families310
Total No. of Employed684
Total No. of Unemployed152
Total No. of Underemployed148

Data gathered as of 2017
Source: Iloilo Provincial Population Office

History of Abilay Sur

Legend has it that the word “Ambilay” came from the word “Ambilay” which means “a piece of cloth hanging across the shoulder”.

According to the old folks, the barangay got its name during the Spanish time. One afternoon, a throng of farm workers were walking on their way home from the rice field. Come across their way were the patrolling Spaniards being ignorant of the place pointed one of the members of the farmers and asked if what is the name of the place is, speaking to him in Spanish. The group of farmers presumes that the Spaniards was asking to the name of the piece of the cloth hanging on their shoulder. Undoubtedly, the farmer responded “Abilay”. From then on, the place was called “Abilay” by the Spaniards.

Through the passing days, the chains of language brought about the change in the name by omitting the letter “m”. From then on it was being called “ABILAY”.

Creation, separation, and delineation of barangays was a part of the political and economic development, to that effect, mother barangay ABILAY was divided into 3 barangays- the Abilay Sur, Abilay Norte and some portion of Pulo Maestra Vita. The decision was made by consensus of the people and the officials for the purpose of territorial distinction and also to deliver excellent and maximum benefits to its constituents, to provide public and better service and to uplift the economic status of the barangay.